New York, the anarchy city

Today in the Daily News there’s a two-page spread quoting lots of New Yorkers on William Barr’s charge that our city is anarchic. Here are some of the comments:

“I can’t help but feel attacked. Honestly, I just think they don’t like us very much. I’ve had my rough and rowdy days but I was never an anarchist.”Rosten Filan, 70.

Mary Robinson, 58, said anarchy was the last thing on her mind. She was more worried about setting her trash out properly with her recycling for sanitation pickup. “Like, is he going to send in the troops?” said Robinson.

“I’m in NYC. No anarchy in my area except money laundering through banks by Russian Oligarchs to finance campaigns.” — a tweet.

“Can’t spell anarchy without NYC,” someone else tweeted, along with a picture of a serene city park.

“New York’s anarchy on full display,” tweeted activist and artist Shannon Galpin, along with a picture of eight well-behaved dogs out for a walk. “Won’t somebody put an end to this violence? Law and order desperately needed.”

“If New York has anarchy, is alternate side parking still enforced?” — James Kinzer





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