News from the flora and the fauna

From Harper’s, of course of course:

…in Bhopal, India, a pair of frogs—who had been married two months ago to please Indra, the god of rain, in an effort to alleviate drought—were divorced amid flood conditions and 26 percent higher than usual rainfall.

A survey of striped maples in New Jersey found that more than half the trees changed sex in a four-year period and that a given tree was likelier to die if it had lived the previous year as a female.

Ah geez, I mean, how much more do we females have to do to survive??

The grip strength of anole lizards on Dominica increased tenfold following Hurricane Maria.

This is an anole lizard. It’s grip strength is not obvious in this photograph but its red puff thing under its chin is.

Image result for anole lizard Domenica


…one child reported concern when he asked his digital voice assistant whether it would kill him in his sleep and was told, “I can’t answer that.”

I can. Get that thing out of your house.

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