No heat in your building? Call Channel 7 and go to Housing Court

Last night ABC’s local 11 pm newscast reported on a residential building in East New York that had no heat. Hadn’t had heat for quite a while. To anyone living through this freezing weather — because my building has no insulation, my apartment is exceedingly cold but at least we do have heat — it was a wrenching report.

Jeff Pegues, the ABC reporter, visited a couple of apartments and interviewed the families, who had all burners on the stove flaming, just to keep warm despite the danger.

Pegues talked to a little boy named Kevin about the no-heat situation in his apartment. The little boy showed the camera how many quilts he must sleep under every night and talked about the problem. He is 9 years old but is so reasoned, so articulate he should become a lawyer. Immediately.

All I could think while watching this news segment was “Housing Court, Housing Court, have you gone to Housing Court?”

Here’s the news clip. Don’t you want to hire this kid to be your advocate? And don’t you want to find his landlord and have him arrested? Battling the cold, and buildings without heat | Video | 7online.


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