Non-disclosure/confidentiality clauses: the NLRB is going after them

The National Labor Relations Board has challenged some parts of the employee contracts at the hedge fund Bridgewater Associates, including the confidentiality agreement.

Source: Labor Board Challenges Secrecy in Wall Street Contracts – The New York Times

I’ve previously and often noted the problems of these clauses. In one post, I’ve linked to an NLRB decision determining that one such clause was illegal.

It’s the little stuff, isn’t it? The seemingly small challenges that don’t make the front pages of, say, the Times, but do make the front pages in my mind. Chip chip chip away, NLRB. You’re doing good work for us little guys who are so vulnerable when presented with a contract including these nasty traps.

We have to sign, or else we lose–maybe jobs, maybe settlement monies, maybe our sense of integrity.

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