Not ANOTHER office-sexual-harassment lawsuit!

But yes.

Lawyer accuses co-workers of constant sexual harassment and says she was told it was best to leave the firm after complaining: suit  – NY Daily News. (The hard copy Daily News headline is: “Raunch lunch, ‘sex’ in a chair; exec gal’s suit tells of shock staffer antics.” I do like to keep you thoroughly informed, don’t I?)

There have been so many of these cases lately, I’m wondering if there’s a virus. If most of these cases have solid grounds, I must ask: male executives! (And you couple of female executives who have been named as harassers in similar lawsuit!) Hark. What on earth has happened to the office milieu since I worked in one?

Maybe you guys (and a few gals) are watching too much Mad Men, or something. Tip: the “mad” in Mad Men does not mean “crazy,” or “angry.” It is short for Madison Avenue.

PS. Steven Hall & Partners is a “consulting” firm. What do they consult in, exactly? Office management, strategy, behavior? And there’s a video, although I doubt it covers “perform[ing] oral sex on potential clients in order to sign up new deals…”

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