Notes from a crazy optimist: good things are happening here

Granted, I spend too much time reading Twitter. But I learn a lot from Twitter about things that are happening.

I also learn a lot about things that are happening from my daily reading of the New York Times (and the Daily News, for things that are happening locally).

Nearly every day I’m cheered by good things, real things, progressive things that are happening through human actions.

In no particular order, here are some good things I’ve noticed today:

Nancy Pelosi has agreed to support legislation banning stock trading by congresspeople. She’d resisted what seems to be widely popular legislation but now will support it — as long as such a law includes the judiciary. So smart.

The House just passed legislation, 342 to 92 (yes, quite a majority) to insure the future of the USPS. A similar bill (bi-partisan) is moving through the Senate.

A big increase in digital subscriptions may be saving local newspapers.

Vermont is making women’s choice a constitutional right. The first state to do so.

Remember the attractive legal couple who stood in front of their mansion brandishing heavy weapons at a peaceful protest? Name of McCloskey? The Missouri Supreme Court just permanently suspended their law licenses.







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