Notice of Claim prompts a fast settlement

Here’s how the threat of a viable lawsuit can work. First, this woman filed a Notice of Claim--usually it’s a one page form which precedes the filing of a lawsuit against a municipality–for sexual harassment by a municipal employee.

My assumptions: the municipality evaluated her claim, probably deposed her, and decided her claim was so valid it’d be better financially for them to settle.

They offered her money. Maybe she didn’t accept the first offer but she did accept $75,000. Her case is now settled, relatively quickly, without the cost and pain of filing a lawsuit and going through the entire procedure.

Good for municipality, good for woman.

Town Settles Secretary’s Notice of Claim for $75K

Andrew Keshner/Associated Press, New York Law Journal  

The former personal secretary to a Long Island highway superintendent will receive $75,000 as part of a threatened sexual harassment lawsuit.


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