Nov 6: what’s doing in the election polls

The only way I can justify the hours I have been spending daily, clicking on virtually every House and Senate race on 538 is to tell you what I’m seeing.

Hairbreadth. That’s what I have just seen.

While a solid number of House district are more than likely to switch to Democrats, some districts show candidates within, say, .5 or .3 or .2 of each other. I mean.

And it’s just my impression but Heidi Heitkamp, who was down more than 7 points fairly recently, is now creeping up — she’s down by less than 4. From what I’ve read, she got a heap of donations because of her “no” vote on Kavanaugh, and she has no reason not to spend that money. I don’t know that she’ll manage to pull it out but still…

Today I read a report that dark money is now pouring into some of the close races. I must, must, must hope my fellow voters, who bought into dark money advertising in 2016, are now wary, having lived through what 77,000 of them did to the country. A good, if fragile sign: Wisconsin Gov Scott Walker, a wholly owned subsidiary of the Koch Bros, is down more than a point behind Tony Evers, his Democratic challenger.

But hey Kansas: if you actually go with your polls and elect Kris Kobach as your governor, I wash my hands of you, possibly forever. I will declare you a non-state. I will personally force you to descend to the status of a territory, like the Northern Mariana Islands. Except even lower.


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