Now for someone completely different! “Hypno-Lawyer!”

Source: Alleged Hypno-Lawyer Disbarred – Lowering the Bar

Here’s your teaser to this hilariously weird, creepisimo story:

It’s not too unusual, or so I hear, for a client to be unable to recall every meeting and phone call with a lawyer. I would guess that the recall rate goes down as the billing rate goes up, generally speaking. But when two Ohio women separately claimed they were experiencing memory loss after interacting with a lawyer—and when one recorded him using “sexually explicit language” over the phone—authorities investigated. He did it again in person, and that time she was wearing a wire. Not coincidentally, he gave up his law license last week.


Actually, how not to

But what makes this interesting and not just another sad and creeptastic incident of abuse is that the lawyer is accused of hypnotizing them.

Feel free to read on, especially if you do not want this to happen to you.

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