“Now it’s the Jews who ban women from driving”

Source: Now it’s the Jews who ban women from driving « Why Evolution Is True

Oy vey. And haven’t I been warning everybody that religious fundamentalism is bad for women?

Yes, I have. Many, many times. (I’m feeling lazy today so if you wish to get my warnings, search Sidebar on “fundamentalism,” or “global war against women,” or “the god problem,” or some such.)

This latest ban comes from British Hasids. Two things to say about that: never, never get anywhere near a (male) Hasid driving a car. They are deadly. And if you ever are driven by a Brit–other than a London cab driver–buckle up with anything around that buckles.

Ah driving. Brings back fond memories of my mom teaching me to drive. In the parking lot of the Eastchester Lord & Taylor. I least I think it was Eastchester; I know it was L&T, and I know the parking lot was conveniently and happily empty because it was Sunday. And those were the days that stores didn’t open on Sunday. (Was this a “god problem?” Maybe, but it sure worked out for all us Westchester teenagers with training wheel driving licenses.)

My mom was a great, kind teacher. She was also the mom who brought us up to eschew religion–in part because of the way it (Judaism, in our case) treated women. A wise driver and a wise woman, my mom, Esther Fein.

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