Now why does this remind me of Anita Hill?

From 538 Significant Digits:

3-year silence

On Wednesday, Justice Clarence Thomas, infamously voiceless jurist, broke a three-year silence during Supreme Court oral arguments to ask a question about the race of jurors. And that three-year streak was nothing — before he spoke in 2016, he had gone 10 years silent. He has recently claimed, according to the Times, that “other justices asked so many questions that they were rude to the lawyers before them.” [The New York Times]

Anita Hill was and is a lawyer. I sort of recall some rudeness, some nastiness then. And odd this should remind me just when there’s a bruted about suggestion that Joe Biden might name his VP candidate asap. And that it might be Stacy Abrams.

On Twitter I just saw a lead to an article about Stacy Abrams, about how she watched the Clarence Thomas hearings and has vivid memories.

Any woman who watched those hearings knows precisely what she’s talking about and feeling.

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