Nutsy insurance fraud, from Lowering the Bar

This one will cause you to scratch your head. And then scratch other parts of your body, providing that you still claim to have them:

In May, South Carolina’s Attorney General reported that the number of insurance-fraud cases in the state had reached an all-time high in 2013. The report (via Overlawyered) is mostly just numbers, but it does include two or three examples of now-closed cases, one of which turns out to be stupid. 

This particular case was prosecuted in Darlington County (near the city of Florence). Because the three men named were prosecuted together in the same county, I assume they were all involved in a single scheme. Because two had the same last name, and all three had the same level of intelligence, I assume they were all related. Sadly, we have to assume these things because the report offers few details about the case. Just the basic facts, which to be honest are really pretty straightforward:

Brailey and his two co-defendants each claimed to have all 4 limbs amputated…. Investigation revealed that all their limbs were intact.

I’d be glad for them − if they weren’t walking into prison pretty soon.

Here’s the whole article: Actually, We Were Wondering How You Signed the Claim Forms – Lowering the Bar.

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