NY bookstore chain fires employees after a vote to unionize

Got this from Publisher’s Lunch. My chief question: can the owner do this? Well, clearly, yes, but…without repercussions?

New York’s Book Culture bookstores have reportedly fired 5 of their 30 employees following a vote to unionize earlier this week, the Gothamist reports. The story quotes emails from owner Chris Doeblin they obtained: “It was indicated to me . . . that two people in our mangament [sic] group voted in the union and effectively undermined the interests of the store. The store always being in opposition to the Union. Unfortunately there is no other recourse but to remove these people from our employ effective immediately.” The¬†Retail, Wholesale and Department Store Union¬†indicates it “has filed an Unfair Labor Practice charge against the Doeblin for his illegal termination of the five workers.”

I guess there are repercussions.

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