NYC landlord refuses to permit co-lease for gay couple

From the Daily News (and it was on CBS radio news this morning, too):

Gay-spouse bias suit

An upper West Side lesbian couple is suing, saying a landlord refused to put both their names on their lease in what is believed to be the first case of its kind since New York legalized gay marriage in 2011.

Dava Weinstein, 68, and Dorothy Calvini, 64, say their landlord, Jacob Weinreb, refused to recognize Calvini as a co-tenant in their W. 86th St. rent-stabilized apartment they have lived in together since 1977.

The couple married in Iowa in March 2011; three months later, gay marriage was legalized in New York.

Last December, Weinstein had to sign a new lease and added Calvini’s name as a co-tenant. Weinreb rejected it.

They contend Weinreb violated their rights by refusing to put Calvini on the lease because New York recognizes gay marriages in other states and requires gay couples to be given the same rights as heterosexual couples.

A manager in Weinreb’s office said his firm has no comment.

Well, I have a comment: either the landlord did not think this through or he is openly homophobic. I think if he lets the case go forward, he will lose it and should lose it.

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