NYC Transit wanted us all to carry ID?

What startles me about this piece of news via the Daily Judge rules unconstitutional NYC Transit’s law requiring straphangers to carry ID  – NY Daily News is that I had no idea the Transit Authority had written an identification rule!

Did you?

“Theoretically, the ID rule as written would authorize officers to ask someone for their bank records or reveal his or her age or weight,” [Magistrate Judge Cheryl] Pollak wrote in a decision issued Thursday…

More than 6,500 people have been slapped with tickets in the past decade, court papers say.

Good grief!

I once met Judge Pollak when I was working on a case she had authority over and I was so impressed with her. Not only was she a very smart woman, she seemed like a very nice, warm and humane one.

Thank you, Judge Pollak. And thank you, as always, New York Civil Liberties Union for bringing this lawsuit.

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