NYT headline reminds me: I’m waiting for the next indictment

Have you read the Times special section, “The Plot To Subvert An Election”, written by Scott Shane and Mark Mazzetti?

I’m sure you have. I’m reading it now, with the same concentration I have when reading (and re-reading) David Cornwell’s great spy novels.

I particularly noticed one subhead on the second page: “As the Trump campaign advanced, Russia stepped up efforts on three fronts: hacks and leaks, social media fakery and outreach to Trump associates.”

And I thought about how brilliantly that head outlines the Mueller investigation and indictments:

“Hacks:” already indicted.

“Leaks:” I think the next indictment will cover them.

“Social media fakery:” already indicted, with maybe another indictment coming of Cambridge Analytica and its operatives (and maybe even it’s investors??? Or are my hopes soaring way too high, beyond oxygen, gasp gasp gasp?)

“Outreach to Trump associates:” Upcoming indictment, maybe part of the “leaks” indictment or maybe a separate one.

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