Obit of the filthy rich Nelson Bunker Hunt and all his lawsuits

Normally, I wouldn’t bother reading the obit of Hunt − until recently, I haven’t plumbed stories of very rich people’s death unless the estates were in such a mess it led to litigation −but I read this one because I once knew a man who knew Hunt and told me a tale about him.

And as it happened, I read every word of this colorful obit, written by Robert D. McFadden. Although I’ve certainly reported on lawsuits of the ultra-rich, I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything like the litigation history of this guy. The endless entanglements of his one-remove-from-criminal life are jaw-dropping.

And then there’s the delicious moment when the many Hunt children, who inherited their father’s vast oil-grabbing wealth, learned that OMG Daddy Hunt had two other families, with a bunch of kids in each.


Do read on and maybe some statistician could come up with a count of the multiple lawsuits good ole boy Bunker (that’s what he was called) was enmeshed in.

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