Observations from a visit to the Upper East Side

A large handwritten sign in the window of a small store on Third Avenue read, “Ladies shoes SALE $159.95.” Maybe that’s a sale price on the Upper East Side but that is not a sale price to me.

I saw a SmartCar with an ordinary license plate and tsked through my mask. I’ve brought up this problem previously. It seems you SmartCar owners were not paying attention, or reading my blog. Therefore, I must take more stringent methods by removing from your list of personal liberties the right to decide upon any old license plates. From now on, at no extra charge, every SmartCar will, upon registration, have an appropriate license plate assigned to it by the MVB, such as “HOW CUTE!” or “OOH AND AH”, like that.

A man who looked a little woebegone was wearing a black t-shirt with white lettering. It read “It’s just not your day,” followed by “Tomorrow doesn’t look too good either.”



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