Odd animal news. (The news is odd, not the animals)

From Harper’s March and April 2020 Findings:

African penguins were found to be the first non-primates whose speech exhibits both the Menzerath-Altmann Law and Zipf’s Law of Brevity.

What? I read definitions for both of these laws; I need definitions for the definitions.

Veterinarians developed an ultrasound schedule for pregnant dolphins…

Shouldn’t that read “Pregnant dolphins developed an ultrasound schedule with their veterinarians”?

Southern white rhinos are threatened by inbreeding.

Yeah, well, there are so few of them so what are they supposed to do? They can’t just summon up a bunch of unrelated white rhinos for mating purposes.

A soggy Suffolk owl found in a ditch was diagnosed as too fat to fly.


…officials blamed the deaths of British black bees at Wisbech Castle on “morons.”

So many questions about this; I’m not going to start. Except to say Wisbech Castle was built at the command of William I, i.e., The Conqueror — a long, long time ago. The original exists now in name only. Which brings up a number of additional questions but I’m not going to start this again.

…a feeling of vulnerability to disease was found to predict political conservatism.

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