Odds and ends — the “ends” being a divorce, with pre-nup

Supreme Court, Kings County, IAS Part 5G

Norman Gutherz, Plaintiff v. Tatyana Filippova Gutherz, Defendant, 53786/12

Family Law

Wife Fails to Show She Did Not Understand English; Vacatur Of Pre-Nup Agreement Denied


I picked up the above from the New York Law Journal today. I find it amusing, although the ex-Mrs. Gutherz did not, I’m sure.

Definition of vacatur, from Black’s Law Dictionary: 1. The act of annulling or setting aside. 2. A rule of order by which a proceeding is vacated.

In this case, definition 1 applies.

It makes you curious, doesn’t it? How did Mrs. Gutherz attempt to prove to the court − unsuccessfully, apparently − that she didn’t understand enough English to know what she was signing when she signed the pre-nup? And how did Mr. Gutherz prove to the court that she did?

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