Offered today on my building’s bulletin board…

…three boxes of Constant Comment Green Tea offered by a woman who lives in the west wing of my building.

Startled me somewhat, because at first I was thinking of big boxes packed with Constant Comment Green Tea. Why would anyone want big boxes of–

Oh, wait. She must mean those small boxes one can find in the supermarket, each containing maybe 24 tea bags.

Still, I did wonder about the story behind this, so I clicked. (I’m a bit loose today on a schedule or obligations so, hey, I clicked.) The lady offering the boxes had been sent the wrong kind of tea from Amazon which obligingly remitted her cost while sending her the right kind of tea. So she has three boxes of the wrong kind of tea she didn’t pay for and three boxes of the right kind of tea she didn’t pay for…and is generously offering the wrong kind of tea to us, for free.

When I’m at odds and ends, almost anything can prompt some thinking here. There is the solid fact that this woman orders boxes of Constant Comment tea from Amazon and I’m thinking, why? Why not — just a silly idea — go out to one of the four markets, three of them accurately called “gourmet,” within three blocks of this building and, you know, pick up boxes of tea?

Also. I like tea but am not an aficionado. Can someone tell me if there’s much variation in green tea? Are we (I’m using the “we” to be kind) getting perhaps a bit too fussy?

I’m about to go out, not for tea but for food. A friend who visited here once said, “Wow! You’ve got all these great markets within a couple of blocks! You’re so well positioned here, so lucky.”

Yeah. I’m lucky. Are my fellow residents relinquishing their muscle tone to Amazon? I shudder.


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