Oh no! Abe Hirschfeld redux — and he’s dead.

I sort of read the Dareh Gregorian article in the Daily News, about how the daughter of “notorious late parking lot magnate Abe Hirschfeld says her brother conned his estate out of more than $300 million as the outspoken octogenarian’s mental and physical health deteriorated…”

But when I see the name “Abe Hirschfeld,” I am flooded with memories. Nah, that’s not really true. What is true is that the name sort of regurgitates this character I really never spent a lot of time thinking about. Without a minimal shudder. Especially when he bought the not-yet Murdochized New York Post for a week or so. Oh, and when “he spent 22 months behind bars [in the last years of his life] for plotting to kill his business partner, with whom he had a ‘survivor take all’ clause.” I’d forgotten about that.

So it’s colorful. And it’s a lawsuit, or something akin to one, in Surrogate’s Court (the most beautiful courthouse in the entire universe) and it’s full of money and sibling hatred and accusations of rich man elder abuse, and a lawyer who specializes in “pet trusts,” and a very very weird picture of the “late parking lot magnate,” wearing a zoot suit and sporting a hairdo that trumps Donald’s: Abe Hirschfeld’s daughter claims her brother swindled $300 million from the late parking lot baron’s estate: court papers – NY Daily News.

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