One car stolen w/man inside, one job offer, two shaggy dogs and Halloween crim misdemeanor.

From today’s Harper’s Weekly Review:

“It was all very surreal,” said a man who slept in his car, dreamed the vehicle was stolen, and then woke up to discover the car had actually been stolen and then crashed while he was in it.

…the Sri Lankan government is recruiting two executioners.

I don’t think the above is on Craig’s List but what do I know?

A 4-year-old dog—suspected to be a border collie-whippet mix—ran a world-record 3-minute-and-59-second mile with a human despite being distracted mid-run by a drone…

…and the National Weather Service announced a “small dog warning” in Ohio, where wind gusted upward of 45 miles per hour.

And just in case you didn’t think Virginia was already up to its neck in problems…

After a backlash last year, a Virginia town changed its policy on jailing teenagers who go trick-or-treating; the collecting candy door-to-door on Halloween, will instead be a Class 4 misdemeanor subject to a fine of up to $250.

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