One cop is suing another cop for sexual harassment and there’s a catsuit and a countersuit and…

Bless the Daily News for working really, really hard at getting this whole messy lawsuit story out there, for us to contemplate.

See, um, well I’m not sure what’s going on. There’s a good-looking female cop who has claimed harassment by a male cop, and there are male cops’ accusations of a rotten atmosphere at the precinct (one cop called defendant, a “manipulative, sick pervert”), and there’s the male cop (the “manipulative, sick pervert”) countersuing for a whole lot of money (“It’s definitely a scam”), and he’s the one who had the photos of the female cop in a boob-squeezing-and-exposing catsuit (BIG color photo in the Daily News), and there’s a picture that may be the female cop gesturing as if she’s going to grab the ass of the male cop and —

I’ve got to stop, I’m exhausted. Here’s the EXCLUSIVE story, and the photos: EXCLUSIVE: NYPD sergeant accused of harassing officer fires back with $35M countersuit – NY Daily News.

Oh, and the Daily News hard copy headline is: ARE YOU KITTEN ME? (She’s in a catsuit with leopardy spots, got it?)

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