One disgraced judge+bias claims+FBI+stripper+convicted ex-wrestler = huh?

Absolutely love this headline because I haven’t yet been able to parse it.

And you know what? I’m not even going to try: it’s too much fun all by its bewildering self:

Disgraced Judge Cleared of Racial Bias Claims Made By Convicted Ex-Wrestler

R. Robin McDonald, Daily Report   

Six years after his arrest by the FBI during a drug-fueled affair, disgraced former federal judge Jack T. Camp and the stripper he paid for sex spoke publicly for the first time last week about the relationship as witnesses in a federal criminal case.

P.S. I’m not sure the headline bears much of a relationship with this abstract. For instance, where’s the “racial bias claims”? Where is the “convicted ex-wrestler?” And there’s no mention of the guns found in the judge’s car. Or (see below, WP story) the judge’s wife, described by the judge’s lawyer as a strong, strong woman.

Maybe this story was too much for the New York Law Journal’s space restrictions.

Here’s the original news story via the Washington Post.

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