One good Supreme Court decision: not to decide

I can hardly believe it, but our current Supreme Court, corrupted by corporate monies and church muscle, actually did something unanimously just and constitutional.

It declined to hear an appeal from a Bronx religious organization called “Household of Faith” which had sued the Board of Education of the City of New York, over a ruling barring religious organizations from using public schools for religious worship.

I didn’t realize that my usually intelligent city had permitted religious organizations to hold worship sessions in public schools. (Whoever allowed that to happen in the first place is clearly illiterate, especially when it comes to the U.S. Constitution.) Don’t “religious organizations” have their own premises in which they can do whatever the hell they want? Do they believe they’re the equivalent of after-school computer clubs? Why do they need public schoolrooms for their purposes? That’s a rhetorical question.

From the Daily News:

Church lawyers noted that all sorts of meetings are allowed at schools after class hours.

The city “allows anything pertaining to the welfare of the community — that ranges from labor union meetings, to Alcoholics Anonymous groups, to filming episodes of ‘Law & Order’ — to meet in schools,” said Jordan Lorence, an attorney for the church.

I’m having trouble understanding this lawyer’s argument. Does he not see that [Christian] religious services do not pertain “to the welfare of the community,” as do labor union meetings? He’s comparing religious services to filming scenes for ‘Law & Order?’

How far removed from reality and the U.S. Constitution are religious groups that present such bizarre arguments?

Anyway, although you could call the Supreme Court’s decision not to hear this case wimping out, this is the kind of SC wimp I stand up and cheer for, especially when most of this court is not just Christian, but Catholic.

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