Outtakes and Vagabonds: One last thing about Joe Tacopina

On Twitter I just noticed an article from Rolling Stone, with the headline…

Trump’s Team Blast His Lawyer As ‘Dumb’ ‘Loudmouth’

The ‘dumb’ ‘loudmouth’ is Joe Tacopina. But never mind all that: Rolling Stone says Trump, et al, like Tacopina, like his antics.

Oddly, I devoted, oh, a couple of minutes the other day to considering Tacopina, trying to nail down the way he operates — which is somewhat different from the way good lawyers operate. Now, and back when I encountered him, his M.O. seems always to veer off onto an iffy detour as a deliberate, but empty, diversion.

Maybe if he were smarter, he could futz around on that detour and inject lots of superficial stuff to make it seem more legally complex and intelligent.

Actually, if he were smarter, he’d do what most defense lawyers do: plain old lawyering.

I was kinder about him than Rolling Stone.

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