One punchy line about “content production”

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about content production. Well, no, not actually about that particular term, but about the ways in which someone like me can get somewhat famous. And it has come to my peripheral attention that producing content — here, on my blog or in some as yet unstudied format — is what will be required.

So I actually read the entire sort of illuminating article from which this line is extracted, which is about two well-known podcasts — which I’d never heard of until now — which produce…content.

It now becomes clear that “content production” is the goal; what one actually produces is fairly irrelevant, just as long as you keep talking.

Content production is a high-volume business, and professional talkers, especially political ones, almost always offer up old whines in new bottles.

–Andrew Marantz in “Firing Line: ‘Know Your Enemy, ‘Chapo Trap House,’ and the voice of the left,” in the August 2, 2021 New Yorker. Under the tongue-in-cheek category, “Podcast Dept.”

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