One reason why I’ll never play golf


My friend Ellen Kaye sent me this NYT piece about an alligator who ranges over a Florida golf coast. (This is also a reason why I will never go to Florida again.) It begins:

Chubbs the alligator is quite a sight when he strolls across a golf course in Palmetto, Fla.

If you click on the link I provided — well, Ellen provided it, I’m just reiterating — you’ll immediately see Chubbs.

The article ends:

For all the attention he is receiving, Chubbs’s routine has not changed much. He generally surfaces from the reservoir near hole No. 3, crossing over to Nos. 8 and 9 before heading to Nos. 5 and 6 — and golfers tend to have the good sense to stay away from the wild reptile.

So that’s the top to toe news about Chubbs.

Now, the thing is, Ellen and I had just been talking about how a small pond in her backyard was crying out for a baby hippo. Since Ellen and her mate Allan have a small dog, I doubt she’s suggesting here that instead of the baby hippo, why not an alligator.

I’m going to get back to her about this right now.

UPDATE: Somehow I didn’t watch the video, Chubbs in action, until today — my brother told me to watch it, especially for the moment when Chubbs flops down. It’s worth the minute it takes to see this for yourselves.


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