Outtakes and Vagabonds

    My life, a long series of adventures and stories, has settled into five pretty, brightly colored filing cabinets.

I’ve been paring down the collection of notes, drafts, scribbles by tossing them into a garbage bag, and doing so without mourning. Because, over the years I’ve been writing, I’ve produced so so much and have long since discarded the notion that everything I’ve written is a gem, even uncut.

So out have gone two football books — one of them a comedic thriller, the other non-fiction — two incomplete novels, each of 200 pages which did surprise me since I had no idea what the impetus was for one of them and the other…?

But among the well organized files are colorful characters, incidents with characters, adventures with characters, some of whom may not make it into the great volume of my life. What to do?

Put them here, on my blog, under the collection called Outtakes and Vagabonds. Which I may abbreviate to O&V. Or maybe not.