Overjoyed to announce the return of football and my football/opera piece

Opera News–which published my piece incorporating a lousy football game, the Ring cycle, the NFL draft and a performance of Don Giovanni rendered more glorious than usual because of the aforementioned lousy football game–has once again made the link to my piece available.

Here it is again.

I am so happy, especially because the football season is about to begin–for me, on September 11 when the Giants start the season with the Cowboys. (Yes, it’s worth a mention that Tony Romo won’t be playing for much of the season (footnote below) because he broke a bone in his back. Although I don’t wish injuries to anybody in football and Romo was once reliable in his remarkable ability to throw long passes into the end zone at critical moments in a game, passes that ended in interceptions.)

I wandered a bit out of bounds up there. What I mean to cheer about is this: Coda: The Performance I Can’t Forget. And do pay attention to the wonderful illustration by Elizabeth Diggans, which I had nothing whatsoever to do with. It’s all down to her.

Footnote: I’m ever so sorry about the link here to ESPN’s thing about Romo, because there’s a video, which means at least three commercials before anything about Romo appears.

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