One fact to wince at, another to ask “huh?

The warming of low-elevation tropical forests is driving lianas to strangle trees.

Swedes were presented with a series of moral dilemmas to determine when they would prefer self-driving cars kill pedestrians rather than passengers.

–From April 2024 Findings


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Crime, a serious problem? Only in some people’s minds

From Harper’s Index:

Percentage of Americans who say that the nation’s crime rates are getting worse: 77

Who say that crime is an “extremely serious” or “very serious” problem in their local area: 17

Percentage decrease in murders in the United States in the past year: 12

Percentage decrease in murder in New York City in the past year: 12

In shootings: 25

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Serious dearth of doctors projected for the US. But no worries: lots of new MBAs

From Harper’s Index:

Percentage increase since 2002 in medical schools offering dual MD/MBA programs: 131

Minimum projected shortage, by 2034, in the number of primary care physicians in the United States: 17,800.

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