Animal news: a green-eyed gator with perfect white teeth

Oh and the guy who was walking with his dog in Florida when the green-eyed, white-toothed monster attacked him. Dog, a Golden, was told to run and Golden did. (They’re such great dogs. And smart. They see alligators, they run.)

Guy managed to live by poking at the gator’s green eyes. Guy is artist, specializing in Florida’s wildlife. He is now about to do a portrait of his attacker.

The lesson he learned? Alligators are very dangerous.

The lesson I learned? I never, ever want to go to Florida again. Ever.

(Another gift from Ellen Kaye.)

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Notes and pictures from my “anarchy” city

We’re anarchists, no kidding. What else would you call what’s going on in our streets?

A Rideout, that’s what. And gee, I’d so like to join them but the last time I was on a two-wheeler, I immediately fell over. (We do call those things “two-wheelers,” right?)

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What can Senate Democrats do in the face of McConnell?

I’ve been following Adam Jentleson on Twitter for a couple of years. He’s got a knife-sharp mind and, more important, because he was a top aide to Harry Reid, he’s more knowledgeable about Senate procedures than anyone who isn’t in or working in the Senate.

In today’s Times, he’s written a practical plan for the Senate Democrats who are confronting the latest horror produced by Trump and McConnell. I, for one, learned about procedures I knew nothing of.

Jentleson does not predict victory. He simply tells us how things work now and how they can work if the Democrats become the majority in the Senate.

You’ll like this.



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