Paul Krugman’s “election night freakout”

Today, Paul Krugman had a short uneasy op about the US economy. 

Of course I read the whole thing but I got a smile out of the endearing way he ended it:

I’m not predicting a crisis; this doesn’t look nearly as bad as the U.S. economy in the housing bubble years. (And I’m trying extra hard, given my election night freakout, not to let my political dismay distort my economic judgment.) But as I said, this growth doesn’t look very healthy.

And I got a huge, albeit bitter, laugh out of a comment which started out thusly:


usa 1 hour ago

PK, please prof do not apologize for your election night freak-out. Some of us had a couple shots of Bourbon and slept on the kitchen floor. Next to the dog.


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