Paula Deen, racist, is a gift from the anti-racist gods

I have a dim memory of having inscribed on these pages a blunt analysis of racism. I was responding to news that Paula Deen had reconstituted herself (and her company and her finances) via a multi-million dollars alliance.

She’s going back into business! was the announcement. Oh yay. And I said Don’t Spent Your Money, and why. The why? Because a racist is always a racist and will always be. 

Oh now I remember when I wrote it: a few days ago.

Now here comes Paula, proving my point on the cover of People Magazine (she’s got a good cosmetic surgeon, let’s give her that) and picked up, of course, by the Daily News: Paula Deen says she is like ‘that black football player’ who came out of the closet – NY Daily News. (The actual hard copy headline reads: “IN VILE TASTE. Deen: Poor me, I’m like ‘that black’ gay grid star.”)

Thank you, Paula. Must say, I didn’t expect support from you, but I surely welcome it.

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