Pedophilia: a Kremlin-styled smear. Is it also projection?

As I was laying out the case against Michael Caputo, I of course had to consider the particularly dreadful smear of pedophilia.

Along with Caputo, it’s in the news.

Today, Mother Jones ran a piece about how Trump is trying to smear Joe Biden with charges of pedophilia: “Trump Promotes False Conspiracy Theory Accusing Biden of Pedophilia:QAnon continues its rapid transformation from a once far-right conspiracy theory to mainstream Republican politics.”

QAnon kicked off this campaign season’s pedophilia defamation, taking up the insanity of 2016’s Comet Pizza nonsense and making it even more stupid, if possible.

So I’ve been fairly sure that the more Trump sinks in the polls, the more likely it is that he’ll falsely accuse his enemies of being pedophiles.

Not for the first time, I think about the pathology of projection, especially in respect to Trump. When thinking about Trump and pedophilia, I recall a number of incidents involving him with under-age girls, the most potent of which is his relationship with Jeffrey Epstein. So I started wondering whether any of Epstein’s victims would come forward about Trump.

A victim did, once, but was reportedly intimidated by lawyers into withdrawing her lawsuit against Trump and Epstein.

Here is the complaint against Trump, filed by a young woman who was 13 years old at the time she alleges Trump raped her.

If there was a pedophiliac cabal, it was Epstein’s, and Trump was part of it.

All this makes me suspect QAnon is a Kremlin troll, doing what the Kremlin has been doing for years. They may have gotten some people to believe this nonsense in 2016. They will not succeed in 2020.

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