Pelmeni in Moscow? No way! Come to Moscow57

After raving about the pelmeni at Moscow57, the downtown NYC Russian-Central Asian restaurant-cabaret, I read what follows in the gossip pages of the Daily News:

She’s Back From the Borscht Belt

Supermodel Irina Shayk...isn’t stick-thin (at least by model standards), and she’s happy with it. “I don’t fit a size-zero dress and I’m proud of it, because I’ve got some curves,” she says. “I’m a model, but I’m a human being. I love to eat. I love to enjoy my life. I love to eat fast food, and sometimes you have to push yourself to go exercise.” The Russian stunner, just back from St. Petersburg, raved about the pelmeni (dumplings) and borscht there.

St. Petersburg?! Why didn’t Irina come down to the very fashionable Lower East Side, Delancey Street to be precise, and getting her pelmeni-and-borscht fix at Moscow57, rather than schlepping all the way to St. Petersburg for them?

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