People will not stop talking about SCOTUS

holy fucking shit, how fucked up do your values have to be to even think of the phrase “domestic supply of infants” much less use it in a legal document — Jeff Tiedrich

I mean, the SCARIEST thing the men who wrote ALIEN (1979) could think of was a living thing taking up residence in your torso then bursting out of you. — Olivia Campbell

When I got my abortion Roe v. Wade didn’t exist. I had to travel to Juárez, Mexico with $200 to a back-alley clinic. — Congresswoman Barbara Lee

Creating Free Markets For Selling Children Could Ease Sting of Roe Reversal — New York Times Pitchbot

The Taliban is staying one step ahead of the U.S. Supreme Court….. Taliban decree orders women in Afghanistan to cover their faces | CNN — Richard Painter

If Bill Clinton was impeached for lying about a blowjob from one woman, shouldn’t the Federalist Society Justices be impeached for lying about screwing all women? — Duty To Warn

I don’t care if you read the Bible, just stop reading it to the rest of us. — John Collins

Overturning Roe v Wade threatens the basic equality and human rights of every woman in America. The right to control and make decisions about our own bodies is fundamental to our freedom and our rights as equal citizens in our democracy. — Karen Finney

So we live in a country where HALF the population is supposed to manufacture babies for Amy Coney Barrett? — E. Jean Carroll

Trump used a strategy of leaking a sensitive story “to get ahead of it.” Now SCOTUS does the same. Barrett adds we need a “domestic supply of infants.” A belligerent Thomas adds people need to live with outcomes they don’t agree with. Roberts focuses on the leak. What a scamjob. — Duty To Warn

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