Personal injury lawsuit of the decade: Duck Attack!!!

You’ve got to read this entire thing from Kevin Underhill’s Lowering the Bar. You will roll on the floor (but make sure it’s your own floor and not your neighbor’s, just in case your neighbor has a duck as a pet and the duck attacks you, and …)

Just to whet your appetite, here’s how it begins:

Lawsuit Alleges Duck Attack

KATU in Portland reports that a woman who says she was attacked by a duck at a trailer park has sued the duck’s owner.

Plaintiff alleges in part that said duck was a repeat offender.

I have a tinge of concern, though, about whether Mr. Underhill is heading into my Global War Against Women category. Or maybe he’s just suggesting that women are more easily victimized by ducks than are men:

Those of you who don’t think such animals attack women have not been paying attention. In fact, back when I was keeping highly unscientific track of such things, I was tempted to conclude that they¬†only¬†attack women. Or at least only women were suing as a result. I think eventually some guy sued after a goose attack so my count stopped at 6-1, but now I’m upping it to 7-1.


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