“Police in Sexting Case Want to Take Photo of Teen’s …”

From Lowering the Bar, of course, of course: Police in Sexting Case Want to Take Photo of Teen’s … No, That Can’t Be Right – Lowering the Bar.

What, you say? You want to see the opening paragraphs? Oh, OK, if you insist:

The Washington Post calls this “a unique approach to collecting evidence,” and I guess that’s one way to put it. The approach is to forcibly inject a 17-year-old boy with something that would cause an erection so they can take a picture of that to compare with the picture he allegedly texted to his girlfriend.

I’m not at a loss for words very often but just now I sat and stared at this report for a while.

That’s all you’re getting from me. Don’t be lazy, now. You can click on that link I provided if you actually want to read the entire story.

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