Poly Prep lawsuit over alleged Cuba trip has gotten more complicated

Steven Andersen has worked “tirelessly” at Poly Prep Country Day School since 1977, according to court papers.

Source: Poly Prep official sues ex-colleague over alleged Cuba trip – NY Daily News

The actual Daily News headline is:

Poly Prep official who allegedly took students on alcohol-fueled Cuba trip sues ex-colleague who blew the whistle

So that little sentence in italics up there is the Daily News’ summary of this case.

Not really. I read part of it and got so tangled up in who did what and when and where and with whom and Cuba and Bon Jovi’s son and who is suing…

A Brooklyn private school administrator accused in a lawsuit of taking two seniors — including rocker Jon Bon Jovi’s son — to Cuba for a boozy “rite of passage” trip, is suing a former colleague for smearing his name.

Steven Andersen, 62, has worked “tirelessly” at Poly Prep Country Day School since 1977, according to court papers filed Tuesday in Brooklyn Supreme Court.

But he was demoted after former colleague Lisa Della Pietra filed charges about his alleged hijinks on a school-funded trip to Cuba with his son and Bon Jovi’s kid, the papers said.

Della Pietra filed a lawsuit against the prestigious prep school in May, saying she was bullied and then fired by Andersen for blowing the whistle to administrators about the Cuba caper.

But that’s not all:

Her suit didn’t name the students, but sources identified them to the Daily News as Andersen’s son, Sebastian, and Bon Jovi’s son Jesse Bongiovi, who graduated from the scandal-scarred Brooklyn prep school two years ago.

And now Andersen is suing! But really I shouldn’t have to tell you all this. You can just click on that Daily News link and read it for yourself and see the photos.

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