Poor Lady Gaga, sued over a doll

Once again I’m feeling sorry for celebrities, although of course I’m grateful, too, since they provide me with all sorts of weird litigation fodder for Sidebar.

But still. Would you want to be a celebrity? Would you get yourself messed up in a lawsuit over a doll that looks like you?

No, you wouldn’t. I am confident. What you yearn for is to be a plaintiff, not a celebrity defendant. You wouldn’t wish to read this first paragraph about yourself in the Daily News:

Lady Gaga was slammed with a $10 million lawsuit Tuesday by a toy manufacturer claiming a deal it had with the singer to make a doll in her likeness turned into a bad romance.

But you’re not Lady Gaga. Nor am I. So here’s the whole article. Schadenfreude merrily at your own convenience.

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