Pornography and Christianity in Siena

I just took a look at yesterday’s post, about the Christian guy suing Time Warner yada yada pornography.

So today I’m wondering what would this man do in one of the world’s holiest places, the Siena Duomo? Because, as I’ve noted previously, the ceiling in the side chapel called the Libreria Piccolomini is truly, distinctly (if Renaissance) pornographic. Appropriate, because the room elaborates upon the life and work of Aeneas Silvius Piccolomini, a/k/a Pope Pius II, who was a pretty worldly and ribald guy.

Maybe, instead of persecuting Girl Scouts and nuns, the Church should roll up their sleeves and work on a booklet for all good Christians, warning them what holy places they’d better avoid lest they be assaulted by, um, sexual material. From all I’ve heard, that would include the Vatican. At least the private little rooms in the Vatican, where only holy celibate men, immune to genital arousal, can view the erotic art.

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