“Posh eatery OKs $1.15M payout”

From the Daily News, via AP:

Workers at celebrity chef Mario Batali’s Manhattan eatery Del Posto have settled a lawsuit against the restaurant for $1.15 million.

The agreement also gave the 31 workers involved in the suit and their fellow employees paid vacation and sick days.

The Restaurant Opportunities Center of New York, an advocacy group that had been working with the 31 employees, said Monday that a judge had approved the settlement.

The workers had sued in October 2010, accusing the restaurant of depriving them of some of  their tips and overtime. In announcing the settlement, the group said Del Posto and its principals denied the workers’ allegations.

Oh, there’s that cute little denial thingee, again! Don’t you love it? “We didn’t do anything wrong but are coughing up $1.15 million for the nothing we did wrong. Plus sick days and paid vacation days and tips and overtime.”

And no, I haven’t been to Del Posto. It’s in my neighborhood but I don’t think I’ll be dropping in.

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