Possible settlement in another NFL retiree lawsuit

This one is easier for me to write about, since it does not involve violence and long-term, life-threatening injuries.

It’s a lawsuit I wasn’t aware of: NFL retiree, led by Fred Dryer (remember his TV series, Hunter?), et al., filed a 2009 lawsuit against the NFL “on behalf of all retired players demanding that they be paid for the use of their images by NFL Films and the league.”

The offer made by the NFL is “to put $42 million in a common-good fund to help retired players find health care, housing and jobs, and to set up a licensing agency to promote the sale of the images of groups of players.”

(Personally, I find it distressing and objectionable that retired football players, who worked for this massively wealthy league —I believe professional football is the most successful, i.e., money-making, sport in the world—could need help with health care, housing and jobs.)

There are some arguments against this proposed settlement. The article by the New York Times’ Ken Belson is an interesting read.


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