Post script to “Hey, what’s new(s)?”

People are hugely upset that, after the revelation / about Ginni Thomas’ bizarre  participation in the insurrection, nothing further has been written beyond substantial opinion pieces, here and here.

There’s a reason. There is no more current news about it. The word “news” incorporates the word “new.” In order to be actual news that should be reported, something new has to happen.

You’re furious and upset. A post indicating your fury and upset is — I hope this doesn’t crush you — not news.

Asking why she hasn’t been arrested yet by the FBI, expressions of desire to see her in handcuffs RIGHT AWAY…not news. Similarly, yelling at the DOJ for not sending the FBI to her house and the handcuffs and all that…not news.

Yelling that mainstream news is fucking up royally by not keeping Ginni Thomas’s name in headlines every day may make you feel hypervigilant, but it’s not likely to force a major news source to re-report news it’s already reported, or news that hasn’t happened yet.

Meanwhile, yelling “WHY IS MAINSTREAM MEDIA DEVOTING SPACE TO REPORTING DAILY ON THE JOHNNY DEPP-AMBER HEARD TRIAL INSTEAD OF ABOUT GINNI THOMAS?” is most likely not going to persuade news media to drop one story in order to create news about the other.

Thing is, major news media have enough column inches to cover both the Depp-Heard trial and further news about Ginni Thomas, as well as a few other news stories you may be paying attention to, as I am.

By the way, just to reassure you, I am capable as a news consumer of glimpsing headlines about the Depp-Heard trial without reading anything further or being so distracted I pay no attention to others news stories.

It’s pretty remarkable what an ordinary news consumer like me is capable of. This includes understanding enough about legal procedures to expect further news about Ginni Thomas…when there is further news.




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