Pot brownies, a verbally abused (napping?) cat and other stuff

From 538’s Significant Digits for today:

4 pot brownies

An Omaha man ate four brownies that turned out to be pot brownies his kid left in the back of the car. According to a report in the Omaha World-Herald, the police were called after he started freaking out — understandable after Maureen Dowd-ing — and paramedics said he’d be fine. The man is on record as saying incredibly rude things to his cat before taking a nap. This is the greatest news story ever. [Omaha World-Herald]

And whaddya know, I’m currently reading Dan Baum’s Legalize It All: How to win the war on drugs, in the April Harper’s. With which I’m hugely sympathetic. (I mean, legalizing it all. And also Harper’s–I’m sympathetic with it, too. I’m just awash in sympathy today.

And I’m laughing about the pot brownies story, especially, “The man is on record as saying incredibly rude things to his cat before taking a nap.“) (Did the man take a nap, or was the cat napping throughout? Because cats do that.)

Hm, the above sounds as if I’ve been eating pot brownies myself. For the record, I’ve never eaten a pot brownie in my life. The two substances are, in my book, separate and enduring pleasures. Especially the brownies. Tip: the brownies you can get at kiosks in Lincoln Center’s Philharmonic Hall and Alice Tully are extraordinary. (The ones you can get at the Met are extraordinarily expensive, like twice the ones elsewhere in Lincoln Center.)

P.S. Now that I’ve wandered far afield, here’s a question: did the cops arrest the kid for his grassy brownies? Uh, no. All the family kids pointed the fingers at all the other family kids.

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