Preliminary investigation: more about social media

I’ve twice referred to various social networks when suggesting how to use them — first, to investigate your likely defendant even before you look for a lawyer; and second, to investigate yourself.

Here’s more pointed advice about using social media — but this time the advice comes from lawyers, via the excellent legal blog, Here are two useful and sobering articles about Facebook, specifically, from the lawyer’s point of view:

One point made is that your lawyer can’t and won’t tell you to remove damaging information on social media because ethically he can’t: he could be accused of telling his client to destroy evidence. Yes, Facebook, etc. can be used as evidence.

Remember, though, these articles are by lawyers to lawyers. Not to you, the incipient plaintiff. So read them carefully for advice, yes, while understanding that the advice lawyers give to each other is not necessarily the advice you must follow, especially in the period before you hire a lawyer.

Although, as I’ve already said, being stupid and outrageous in social media is not a recommended course of action if it’s your great desire on earth to become a plaintiff.




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