Problem with guns? Stupid men

This, from today’s Daily News, shouldn’t be funny. Some of you won’t think it’s funny. But anyone who has ever attempted to drive from Jersey to Manhattan via the Hudson Tunnel will understand: this is funny.

Note the witty verb used to describe the shooter’s progress into the tunnel.

Shot shuts Holland Tunnel

By Thomas Tracy and Elizabeth Keogh

A road rage shooting on the New Jersey side of the Holland Tunnel stalled traffic Friday afternoon and led to a man’s arrest, Port Authority sources said.

A man in a Manhattan-bound lane pulled a gun on another motorist and fired at least once around 2:45 p.m., said the sources.

The shooter then sped into the tunnel toward the city — but was quickly stopped by Port Authority police, the sources said.

In the car with the shooter were three other people, including a child, said the sources.

In a statement, the Port Authority said the 2:45 p.m. traffic tie up was due to “police activity,” and that traffic was stopped for 20 minutes.

“There was an allegation of a person with a gun in a vehicle. No injuries were reported and the investigation is ongoing,” the statement said.

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