Problems upgrading the V.A. Guess who caused them?

A Times piece I decided to read with one particular question in mind: if the V.A. is having problems upgrading its computer system and computer record-keeping, who hired the company that has fucked up?


The new health record software is supposed to increase efficiency and speed up care in the beleaguered veterans’ health system, which serves more than nine million veterans. But when the department put it into use for the first time in October at a V.A. medical center in Washington State, it did the opposite.

The department’s inspector general issued two scathing reports on the rollout this week. One found that the company that was awarded a no-bid contract by the Trump administration to do the overhaul underestimated costs by billions. The other report said the training program for hospital staff that the company created was so flawed and confusing that many employees considered it “an utter waste of time.” (My bolding)

All the employees who went through the training at the first hospital to use the new health record system, the Mann-Grandstaff V.A. Medical Center in Spokane, Wash., were given a test afterward to see whether they had learned to use it proficiently. Nearly two-thirds failed, the report said.

A no-bid contract by the Trump administration.

Add this to the long, long list of utter (and probably corrupt) screw-ups instigated by Trump’s people. Who hired this company? Did the company have demonstrable experience or…not? Who is making (our) money off this fiasco?

I want to know: can we sue this miserable company to get our money back, and if the deal was as corrupt as I expect, can we indict the Trumpist who signed the contract? Is there a cause of action for criminal ignorance and stupidity?

These reports make me crazy with rage.

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