Projection, Putin and puppetry

With everything Trump says and does, the utter horror of this time, my memory bank consistently replays one incident, one statement that, for me, crystallizes Trump.

Do you remember the October 2016 debate between Trump and Hillary, the “Putin’s puppet” exchange?

It began when Trump said Putin had no respect for Hillary. She responded with the memorable line that Putin would much rather have Trump, his puppet, in the White House.

Here’s where Trump went totally Trumpissimo. He muttered, “You’re the puppet, you’re the puppet.”

I can’t forget how shockingly stupid he sounded, how sulky, how 7-year-old bully boy, how incompetent. He’s the one who brought up Putin, yet he had no better defense to Hillary’s remark than that?

She said he was a puppet and all he could do was project it immediately back on her. “You’re the puppet, you’re the puppet.”

Trump has no intelligence, no spontaneity. He has no defense in his playbook.

All he can do is be on offense, when someone has programmed his moves.

All Trump can do is project — accuse his opponent of having his own pathological weaknesses.



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